Masterkey Blog Week One – David Flynn

I must say I was more nervous than I had expected starting this course.  Getting in front of large groups is so much easier than getting alone inside my own head to ask the really hard questions.  Why am I here?  What do I really want?  How can I leave a mark on such a big and cold world?  I’ve been to plenty of courses over the years for sales, people skills and personal growth.  I’ve met and work with people every day in my business.  My career and personal lives have had more than their share of ups and downs, and I’ve been lucky to experience a lot of things that might pass others by, BUT, time stops for no man (or woman) and as the years have gone, I feel like I have yet to accomplish my true purpose.  I mean there’s got to be more than this, right?Well enter the Master Key Mastermind Group.  I was familiar with Think and Grow Rich and many of Napoleon Hill’s teachings, but for some reason I had never read anything from Og Mandino.  In just the first week, I already feel the daily scroll is confirming what I’ve known to be true, but have never effectively, or should I say consistently put into action.  Yes, I can do great things and yes, this is my time to find myself, help myself, and most importantly, become a stronger leader so I can help share this message with others.  So who am I?  Should my goals be financial? Should I aim to help the poor and cure disease? I’ve always been very focused on work and that is an area I need to examine more deeply over this course.  I have a beautiful wife and lovely children and I really can’t think of anything better than spending more time with them, but to make it quality time, don’t I need to become the best me I can be?  So far the course has exceeded my expectations, making me both eager and apprehensive to see what I will discover about my thoughts and my subconscious mind next. I truly believe that in all of us is the power to do great things but if we never spend quality time focusing on a solid plan, we will wander adrift in life, always wondering where we will end up but never taking charge and making things happen.  This is the beginning of the journey of a lifetime and I for one can’t wait to finally start planning my life with a definite aim and a purpose far greater than myself. Looking forward to week 2!

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