Masterkey Blog Week 2 – David Flynn

Well now it’s getting real.  It seems like work and personal life and this class are all ratcheting up a bit at the same time.  The daily scroll and workbook readings are certainly helping to ground me and keep my focus on the end goal.  I’ve been talking with others in the group and we all can’t believe how far off our first drafts of the DMP were, but you know for where we were a week ago, they were probably right for the time but it is amazing how far a person can grow in such a short time.  The power of the world within is being imprinted on my mind, which ironically is where it should be.  I’ve always grown up (maybe an overstatement but certainly from my early adulthood after finding the right mentors) understanding that thoughts are things but this is taking that comprehension to the next level.  I have to admit I need to focus on some of the statements in our training because if I go through them too fast I sometimes lose the power of each one. The critical issue as I understand it now is to focus on control.  Controlling my own mind.  Controlling my own body.  Controlling my emotions.  Controlling my thoughts. I am a being that is capable of being in perfect harmony with the universe, but so much of what I learned growing up was wrong, and I need to bring myself back to my own true power.  Combined with the workload and stress of launching what will be a large international company, this has become a large draw on my time, yet I can see how working through the temporary pain will actually free up both my time and my mind.  My vision has been too focused on certain aspects of what I believed I wanted to achieve, but I am opening up to the idea that there is so much more out there.  More possibility.  More capability on my part.  And most importantly, a greater cause for it all. I am still working on refining what my definite major purpose in life is but coming from someone who thought he had spent time soul searching for a why, I have come to realize I’ve looked deeper into this issue now than I have in the past few years combined. The reflection required to complete this course has already pushed me further than I expected and we’re only in week 2.   I can only imagine what my mind will be like in 10 or 20 more weeks.

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