Masterkey Blog Week 3 – David Flynn

What a week!  Powerful messages must be going out to the universe because great things are starting to happen, especially in my mid.  Liberty and autonomy are my PPN’s and after some rewrites, I’m ready to scrap my Definite Major Purpose all together and start all over again.  At first I was upset that I had “Done it wrong” the first time but in reality, the DMP is always going to be a work in progress and making major changes to it only proves that I am on the road to clarity and am better focusing on what is truly important to me. I’m refocusing parts on finding a larger goal than myself, something that can truly energize and inspire me.  As for the daily routines, some of the chants and cards seem silly at times, but the idea that I can control my entire world from the thoughts that I create is mind blowing.  Everything in the world without is from the world within.  It makes perfect sense and is the only explanation as to why some succeed in life and others do not, given similar circumstances and efforts.  Whatever I believe (with emotion) I can achieve.  The constant focusing on my thoughts, attitudes, and especially my emotions is really helping me to both define what I truly want, and create a clearer path on how to get there.  We can never fail if we are always moving forward, so why would fear ever enter into the equation.  For me it is usually more stress than fear, or so I thought, but stress is just a fancy way of saying fear.  Follow the stresses and you find the fear.  Well I choose not to live with fear.  I am in control of my thoughts and attitudes, and through that, I thereby become in control of my destiny.  Correct thinking leads to correct actions which become habits.  Good habits lead to success in all areas of life. Now it’s time to make sure my DMP includes finding fulfillment at every step of the journey. I just attended a great training with Tony Robbins, which included the phrase change your expectation for appreciation.  We must enjoy what we have as we grow in life, or we may find we have reached a goal that does not ultimately bring fulfillment. How profound to take that and blend it seamlessly with a DMP that allows for a greater goal while celebrating every day’s success and blessings.  Lots more time to spend thinking about and applying that concept.

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