Masterkey Blog Week 4 – David Flynn

I’m starting to see red circles and green triangles and blue rectangles in my sleep.  This is the week I stepped it up.  Still struggling with finding the time to sit quietly and gather my thoughts – control my body and my mind.  Life never stops coming at me, but I always remember the Rocky quote about getting up each time life knocks you down.  I will be relentless in my pursuit of success.  And now my vision of what that truly means is coming into focus.  For those out there working to clarify their DMP, I salute you.  My latest revision was more of a tear up the old and start over approach.  Gone is much of the fluff that something inside of me thought I should be writing.  Goals have been removed that while worthwhile, were not a part of my ultimate masterplan.  I have a clear vision of who I want to become, and the information on focusing on the world within to create the world without is sinking in.  My dream space has opened up greatly, but it is more than that.  I believe stronger than ever that my internal thoughts and feelings will create my ultimate vision which is a very happy place that I want to journey to now.  So much of my life has been spent thinking of a faraway place where things will come together and true happiness will be achieved.  I now understand that the process of getting there is where the real satisfaction will be.  Why do people win the lottery and then become broke and miserable?  Because their world without does not even remotely match their world within.  I have made a conscious choice to build from the inside out, and yet the quote from Og about needing to have patience because nature acts never in haste is a challenge to me.  How many out there reading their daily scroll are dying to read on ahead.  Why wait 30 days, I’m ready now…aren’t I?  Anything worth doing is worth doing well, and there is nothing more important or valuable to my future and the future of those I love then doing this right.  I have swallowed the seed and while I’m still spilling a few drops, the lessons are starting to sink in.  My confidence and belief, especially in my business life, is in full blossom.  I am blessed to have some great coaches helping me along the way to speed up the process in ways they never had the opportunity to achieve.  Where could they have been by now if they had similar coaching?  I’ve made my decision to carry on, to make a stand and challenge the universe to deliver what I a demanding of it.  I am not asking for a free ride as I am committed and have made sacrifices few I know have been willing to make.  I constant motto in my mind is to do what others won’t today, so I can do tomorrow what they can’t.  My dreams are huge.  So huge that before I was almost embarrassed to admit to anyone but my spouse how big they were, but even a few months ago something inside of me was saying they’re too big.  You can’t do that.  Average people just can’t achieve those kinds of things.  Well I have the power of the universe within me so I, like everyone else, am not average.  I have made a commitment to the universe to move mountains and as my motivations have moved away from a selfish nature and more towards helping others, those dreams have come much closer to fruition.  I see success in front of me and it is mine for the taking.  If I help enough people achieve their dreams, I know the universe will shower me with untold blessings.  The inner strength I am gaining has already manifested itself in my outer world, and I look forward to taking on each new challenge, not as a negative, but as a chance to excel.  I look forward to each new day and will treat each moment I have left as a blessing.

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